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Hextable Methodist Church


Here we list activities that are scheduled for the month and any other notable events happening in the near future.
It is a good idea to visit this page to keep up to date.

Social Group - 25/08/2017, 8:00PM
Meets in the Church Hall
Morning Worship - 27/08/2017, 10:30AM
led by Rev Will Grady
Parade and Family Worhip - 03/09/2017, 10:30AM
led by Ian Packham
Parade and Family Worhip - 03/09/2017, 10:30AM
led by Ian Packham
Women's Fellowship - 05/09/2017, 10:15AM
speaker Val Blake from Arrow Riding School
BB/GB PFA meeting - 07/09/2017, 8:15PM
Prayer Breakfast - 09/09/2017, 9:00AM
Prayers for the Church and community followed by breakfast
Morning worship - 10/09/2017, 10:30AM
led by Emmanuel Scott
Evening Worship - 10/09/2017, 6:30PM
led by Rev Velma Campbell includes Holy Communion
Sew n Sews - 12/09/2017, 10:00AM
in the old church
Morning Worship - 17/09/2017, 10:30AM
led by Rev Velma Campbell, include Holy Communion
Evening Worship - 17/09/2017, 6:30PM
Local Arrangement
Worship Team meeting - 20/09/2017, 7:30PM
Songs of Praise - 23/09/2017, 2:00PM
at St Peter's
Morning Worship` - 24/09/2017, 10:30AM
Missions Sunday
Evening Worship - 24/09/2017, 6:30PM
Local Arrangement
Social Group - 29/09/2017, 8:00PM
In the Church Hall
Harvest Event - 30/09/2017, 6:00PM
Details to be Announced